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  1. Mo-par!

    Per4Mance Development...New Product

    DIRS-G for 2009-2014 vehicles... Standard brace now in Billet... DIRS no longer Patent Pending... Hit us up with any questions! www.getper4mance.com
  2. Mo-par!

    Reserved a Mach-E GT

    So the Mach-E GT will be AWD and have a 0-60 time of ~3.5 sec. Reserving one does not mean you have to purchase. So I put down the $500 and may pull the trigger when its ready in about a year from now. Thoughts on this new all-E vehicle? They will be able to be serviced at all Ford dealers which...
  3. Mo-par!

    Black Friday Promo Code

    Our Black Friday sales starts next week. Use Promo Code BF19# to match for our best discount of the year. www.getper4mance.com Thanks!
  4. Mo-par!

    Mo-par! - happy to be here...

    Been super busy with several things going on but wanted to post up more than being added to the vendor section (thanks!). Name is Bray and live in the Hershey PA area. Have had "one" Mopar since 2006: 2006 Silver Charger R/T 2008 Silver Dodge Nitro SLT 2013 Black Chrysler 300 2016 Black Dodge...
  5. Mo-par!

    Who else here is doing the Litens Hellraiser 3.17"

    Claims of 70HP gains with no tune on VP MS109 race fuel. I'm scheduled for an install at HHP in October. Popcorn is ready!